About Me

Why Create This?

I wanted to develop a portfolio that was simple, fast, accessible, and can be modified without opening up a code editor.

First, I needed a static site generator. This led me to Eleventy. This project is great because it is is simple, powerful, written in javascript, and framework free.

Next, I wanted auto deployments and a git-powered CMS. Netlify and their suite of tools seemed perfect.

I found a few good starter projects using these technologies, but was overall unhappy with the current options. That led me to develop Fernfolio. The goal was not to create a technical masterpiece, but to create a beautiful portfolio with minimal overhead/complexity. Something that just works.

This project is open source so that hopefully someone else can use this as a template (or reference) in building their own site. Technical details can be found on the Github repo and some customization instructions can be found here.

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